Saturday, 19 January 2013

And it ends

This blog has finished its product life cycle. Turning back the pages of it, I realised how childish I was. I have had brilliant cars, brilliant human beings come and go in my life and looking at my blog all I have mostly written is negative nonsense about what transpired rather than the good fun I had with them. Final result à ended up deleting half my blog after I was done reading :D. My dad had once told me ‘If you look at a minus sign, you can still add a straight line to it and make it a plus’. This blog ends because I  feel I have grown up, and grown out of this ‘aisa kyu kiya, waisa kyu kiya’ nonsense.. Life has moved on and matured way beyond these mundane past abnormalities. Imagine meeting a friend whom you had fought with 10 years ago and stopped talking. I am sure my brain would recollect only the brilliant times at that moment and to bid all that viprit vinashkari vichar a final namaskar, this blog needs to end, the hanging of kasab type of closure :P =)) j/k 

But well, the new one will have blabbers only filled with fun, travelogues, politics and hordes of nonsense.