Monday, 20 June 2011

Burn Notice !

My Neighbour asked me to baby sit his daughter who is a 4 year old for a few hours till his wife and him went around with their weekly shopping. Not knowing how to keep her 

I decided to teach her my kind of ABCD as A for Apple and B for Ball seemed kinda seemed like A for Adam, O for Old, S for sucks and F for Flintstone.
Made up this chart to make sure she jazz when she's old 
and rolls with her mates.

A for Altis
B for Budweiser
C for Curtis Jackson 
D for Daimler
E for Etios
F for Ferrari
G for Grande Punto
H for Hyundai
I for Intercooler
J for Jagermeister       

K for Kingfisher
L for Laura
M for Metallica
N for Nissan
O for Otto Cycle
P for Porsche
Q for Quit the 800
R for Race your car
S for Swift and Suzuki
T for Turbo
U for Uno
V for Vauxhall
W for Window Shopper
X for Xylo
Y for Yamaha
Z for Zen

After I was done with this ultimate lesson of her life and managed to keep her occupied for a few hours before her parents turned up and I made her recite whatever she could remember out of her new education. Flabbergasted they came to a conclusion that I was not someone they would be trusting their daughter with and  prayed they could undo the damage I had done before she gets thrown out of school. 

I begged to differ. I reckoned she would make her teachers proud by being different. Anyway a Burn Notice was issued on my name and their daughter was instructed to play with my mom and come near me only if I had a bandage on my vocal cords. So much for preparing their babe to be a rock star of tomorrow. Sigh 
Dont you know the lengths I will go, to be understood by your dad - Brad Sucks