Sunday, 2 January 2011

Back Again !

Those days will come,

When the roads will open,

For my ride,

Times will change,

I ll run someday,

By my side.

Back again

I’ ll win,

Back again,

I ll grin,

Back again

I ll play,

Back again

I ll be my day.

The haters will scram,

The world would applaud,

Today may be a new divide,

One day I’ll be my war,

With bombs and bullets,

By my side.

Back again

I ll be someday,

Back again,

I ll have my way,

Back again,

I ll run the show,

Back again,

I ll grow,

Those days will come,

Sea’s will change

Today may not be my tide,

But I ll run someday,

By my side.

Back again

By my side !

Thanks for the inspiration, you know who you are :)

Saap jaisi kaali raatein...hai zeher si yeh zindagi..kaha chali 
gayi hai saali khushi ? - Dev D 


mona said...

amazing!!!... i love the optimism...the hopefulness and the positivity ... hoping to take some inspiration from it myself.. :P.. :)

Rohan said...

^^hum hai yum..getchme ? I swear I am gonna write a blog on the humyum id soon..I ve just submitted a million job applications with that email address on it :D :D

On a serious note..Fuck the world bro !! grab a pint and chillaaaax !! :D :D

When someone tries to screw you over..ignore and forget in 60 seconds..remember..too many fishes in the sea..too many people in the world..and too many friends to be made..U can begin can restart all the time..we aint mario or luigi..there aint no limited lives!!!

Also Karma is like a atomic bomb we always have :D I ll do its thing on its own :D :D

Cheers to a friendship for life \m/ :D :D

soulcare said...

Wonderful words in short lines strung up into a long poem! ~

7ark said...

your comment is better than the blog Ronny!