Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Mayhem To Mongolia !

Many Many years ago, when I was an unborn terror me dad had
this dream of driving down from India to London in a car.
AIN'T NO TYPO. INDIA TO LONDON, YEAH but he never could.
Priorities, wife, business, X, Y, Zee and than me. Now at 55,
he can only dream of this havoc, but sharing the same genes,
had a similar bright idea since was 5.

A cross country trip between continents, countries, around half
the world in a car. Landing in UK for engineering slowly made
all the pieces of the puzzle come together. This is destiny’s way
of making sure that I don’t grow old to regret. Mongol Rally
came into my life, it made sure that I had something to look
forward to other than books and a shitty job. Started planning,
day dreaming, e-mailing people, getting into the technicalities
and finally finding someone who was as suicidal to participate
together as a team mate..

IMAGINE passing through 15 to 17 countries, Imagine driving through
Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan etc to name a
few, some of these have no resemblance of a civilisation, some have
no roads, barren deserts, some plagued with civil war and most which
have terrorism as a way of life .

Freezing in Ukraine, sipping vodka with the Russian's, downing
cognac with the Kazak's, inhaling chillam's with the Uzbek's
and finally beer with the Mongol's.
My Life be Like Ooo Aaah !!!

YOU KNOW the distance of the rally is greater than what the
miles between UK to India is. 16 thousand kilometres of pure
crouching kitten, hidden hippo kinda adventure \m/

Doing this might be a one way ticket to hell, maybe break hands,
legs, get shot at, but maybe's in life are always more of a positive
than a dud. To make it even more difficult the rules of the rally
state that you have to participate in a small Maruti Zen or Santro
type small ‘hatch back’ or anything which is less than 1200 cc,
which in short means 'tighten the nada of your pyjamas' as this
aint going to be easy in wheels which are totally todally unsuitable
for the grim task ahead, but anyway life without excitement is a
waste of oxygen!!!

London To Mongolia, We'r on, Like Donkey Kong. Screw the peril.
Paid 200 pounds as a deposit to register for the rally. A secret
parents don’t know and won’t know till the D day is near my nose.
July 2011. Time to go still, a car to buy.

Told dad about the rally just as a passing conversation over the
phone and his instant reaction.
‘ Aava sapna pan nai joto’ :P

My man does not know that am already on it, making ends meet to
be among the group of people who are as inclined to test life as i've
always been. Sorry Dad, I don’t take 'NO' for an answer :P

There is something called as 'the edge'. A picture with the car and
me standing next to a board which reads ‘Ulanbaatar, Mongolia’ is
a fantasy going to be conquered by hook or crook. By crook would
be to just photoshop one, but that’s one sad idea sirji!

Just living my life..hey a hey a hey a..my life..my life my life..just living
my life - Rihaana


Tabitha said...


*wipes sweat off brow*

I wudnt be able to dream of accomplishin somethin like this, let alone even attemptin it...

One request, dont get killed... Wanna read all about it, when u come back :P


Maverick said...




mona said...

d first time u told me abt dis rally... i was shit scared...!! but come to think of it... dis wud b an adventure of a lifetime... n since u r a stubborn ass who wud anyway not listen to anyone.. so go ahead.. 'jaa jee le apni zindagi puttar'...live ur dream... al d best for ur venture dude!!! :)... and take care plz.. :)!!

mona said...


and dont u dare get killed.. cant afford to lose a frnd like u.. !!

The Ink in My Veins... said...


Im mean, why? why should you be so happy in life! X(

Schizophrenic said...

be as whacky as u can and enjoy it as much as possible!!

in short m jealous of u!!!!

Baker said...

Great post here! I enjoyed this.

Malavikka said...

Omg! I wish you weren't kidding!!
And abt your writing, you have some grammatical errors in the beginning, but as for your task is concerned, hats off!!!!!!!

Shruti - now making better butter said...

WOW!! and u'r going for it.. WOW'er!
:) a pat on ur back... u'r old enough to not nod ur head to all that pop has to say no?

Anonymous said...

I always knew that you're made for adventure. I always knew one day you'll be on board to do something like that.

best of luck!

you have my wishes. and prayers.