Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Rewind 4 years…Enter DC++ ..Enter Erasers Den..
Enter Rich collections..Enter Raj Bhanushali..

Eraser aka Raj aka married :P lol :P

Elder brother, Advice mystro, THE best friend minus
any photoshopping.

Always been there, always will be there…Guran fuckin tee.
He is the only entity in this whole wide world with whom I
never watch my words before I talk, never think twice
before or after saying something. The only unit to have
never mentioned anything close to ‘what else’ out of
boredom when I bombarded him with the same
question/answers for more than a year on end.

Truely seperates you from the rest

Reclamation, Hiranandani, Mahabaleshwar, Pubs,
Beers, Drives,Partners in crime. Yeah I know ‘u ll call
my mom, u ll call my dad, u ll fuckin rape my happiness
bla bla fuckin bla ..lol lol..!!!

A radar in disguise, will foresee disaster before its
happening and will warn warn warn but the ‘troubles
are tools of growth’ mentality that I have,will never pay
heed and ultimately get a ‘ I told you before, not to get
into this’ reaction.. yeah yeah ‘Laaliya’

Evenings would be dumb, life would be boring and sanity
would be absent, movie downloads would come to a standstill,
‘roxx’ would never be used, ‘hello, how are you today’ <---rofl :P
would mean just a boring phrase and 'tatya' would resemble a

No one can take your place, and no one ever will :)

Ps: Today 8 o clock ?? ya ya ya :P
We'r bringing sexy back..yeah!! - Justin Timberlake