Friday, 17 April 2009

Turbo Lover!

A Prayer First
Thank you lord for providing us with Direct port nitrous
injection, Four core intercoolers, Ball bearing Turbos
and Titatinum valve springs !

Smooth Easy Ride,
We’r jus gonna glide,
Shifting Gears, Surge and Tide,
Velocity, Acceleration, Our side!

Power, torque, ground,
Ola speed of sound!
Blur Vision,Love found,
Turbo Whistle, Smoke surround!

Pistons surging up, down!
Cams, cranks turning around,
Engine, A perfect friend!
For it goes on till the end!

Brakes Fading, Metallica raiding,
Fear Staring, Tyres Tearing!
Nirvana, Heaven defined to the T,
Turbo Lover, Yeah me !
Alright hold on tight..Im a highway star - Deep Purple


Priyanka said...

nice...and a very diff cud u think like that? :P

AG said...

good one!

"here I am on the road again"
-turn the page, Metallica

7ark said...

nice... it was a sharp one...
"Engine, A perfect friend!
For it goes on till the end!"

Engine not running to the end keeps the money flowing into after sales....lolz

cheers mate
Write on about ur drive down life

Zendagi Migzara said...

Simply Superb... I had a good ride, just reading your poem ;)

Samruddhi... said...

can u not think ne thing apart from engines...? lol

Brosreview said...

Ha! I enjoyed the take here, the different theme here. Good job!!! Keep writing!!!