Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Love it !!

Love it when you talk to me,
love it when you smile,
love the feeling of we being we,
It even makes me rhyme.

Love it when we have a brawl,
love it when we choose to ignore,
love it when it all ends in a day,
Like what we fought for was so gay.

Love it when you call yourself retarded,
love it when u back it up with facts,
love it when you show your true self,
Like ‘accept me’ or ‘go die’.

Love it when you drive the drives,
Love it when you bring the smiles,
Love it when you stand behind,
In happy, gloom and all the time!

Love it we think about the yesterdays,
Love it when we wonder ‘when' and ‘how’ ?!
Love it when I think it was meant to be,
Like always and anyhow!

Whoever said progress was a slow process wasnt talkin' about me - 50 cents


7ark said...

really nice poem..has a smooth lyrical feel to it...original stuff..diff from wat u usually do!!gr8 wrk mate..

The Ink in My Veins... said...

ahem! the girl you have written this poem for is very lucky :P

love it when we understand
love it when we dont give a damn
love it when we stand as "us"
amidst the frolic, amidst the fuss :)

Cheers to a friendship for lifetime!! :)
PS: that doesnt render you any less retarded:P

angel from heaven said...

love it when we walk in the rain
love it when you understand when I am in pain
love it when u are there when times are bad
love it when you there when I am sad...

Wow catchy poem it inspired me to add a few lines of my own
keep writing...

Saw your blog link in orkut so paid avisit.


Naina said...

That was for Aby.

GREAT !!!!!! :-)

Naina said...

Very well written....did Aby bribe you for this ? Bribe u with the oriflame feet softener ? :D

Jokes apart.....good choice of words. Bring it on !!!!

Mads said...

so cute :D ur girl must hv loved it :D

SAM... said...

nice one..!!