Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Love it !!

Love it when you talk to me,
love it when you smile,
love the feeling of we being we,
It even makes me rhyme.

Love it when we have a brawl,
love it when we choose to ignore,
love it when it all ends in a day,
Like what we fought for was so gay.

Love it when you call yourself retarded,
love it when u back it up with facts,
love it when you show your true self,
Like ‘accept me’ or ‘go die’.

Love it when you drive the drives,
Love it when you bring the smiles,
Love it when you stand behind,
In happy, gloom and all the time!

Love it we think about the yesterdays,
Love it when we wonder ‘when' and ‘how’ ?!
Love it when I think it was meant to be,
Like always and anyhow!

Whoever said progress was a slow process wasnt talkin' about me - 50 cents