Thursday, 27 November 2008

Terror Error

Some super religious retards like always have done what they are best at...'DHAI DHAI'!!
They have like a Seagate 7200 rpm 500 GB Hard disk and remember
things way beyond normal human competence.
‘Hamare Baccho ko maara’, ‘Biwiyo ko maara’ (notice the plural)..uska kya?
Reporter kept quite, instead of being like
‘Tune itne bomb daala’, ‘Tumne hamari ek hi ek biwi ko maara’..uska kya?
Reporter: Tum kitne log ho ander ?
Terrorists: Aing..Woh hum tumhe kyooo bataae ?
Smart Smart..u should not tell to longen your live by some minutes

Reporter: Tum inte logo ki ladai lad rahe ho atleast itna toh batao
kitne aaadmi ho tum ?
Sounds like Gabbar but whatever he wants his aadmis..
Terrorits: Hum 7 aadmi hai!
WHAT ? HE FELL FOR THIS ONE ?He is like the worst terrorist I have
ever heard of..yeah heard of..i cant see them..i don’t work at band camp.

And the best part, one in case of the reporter and ‘N’ in case of the
terrorists would be sitting at home and clapping
‘Mera saaiya tv pe..mera saaiya tv pe’

All big cock talks, Since he was ‘dying’ to make a difference why
not abolish the hindu muslim enemity in the first place rather
than holding innocent civilians hostage?
And were his demands or what?
‘Hamare saare mujahadin bhai ko pura india se chod do, Kashmir pe
se army ko hatva do!!
Even the army men and police guys must be rolling on the floor
laughing at this.
Yes yes, America pe hamlva karva do, America capture karva do,
Petrol free karva do ,Al- Qaeda ko leadership dilva do?
I guess he got his tongue serviced before going on this ‘I want this and I want that’ spree

Seriously guys get some training done..some real serious training
done before even thinking about being a terrorist and before
u are shot please please mention the ‘institute’ where u got this
'gyaan' from..further candidates will avoid this place for all times.

U kill people..U ll get shot.. Aint no ‘Allah’ coming with a heli to bail your asses.
Should have chilled out and watched Tv at home.

May your ‘fanatic’ souls rest in ‘PIECES’..and lots of them..

Happy ‘dhai dhai’...Will be your last..guran fuckin teed..!!

Heroes never die.... They just reload - Rambo 4

Monday, 24 November 2008

Birthday Bumps!!

Secondly: 8 on 2 is not a fair fight..Not my fault:P
Thirdly: You get the birthday gift you asked for!!!
Finally: D5 what ? come again..!! ha ha !!

Thank you for all the birthday treats u have thrown and will throw.
Eagerly wait for 25th November every year in anticipation of
your bashes.
Your Truly,

For the unknows..Its Abhilasha’s birthday today and she is throwing a party at Chacha’s Tea Stall, Cheddanagar. Everyone is invited, dress code being chapplis ,bermudas and nadas.
Gifts Compulsory..Spread the word.

May we rock the swift’s, zen’s ,roads, metallica and floyds like always with stealth and speed...
Happy Birthday Abybabyattitude..

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dreams @ 2000 rpm

Get ready boy..we are going shopping!!
Left, right..straight..U turn..!!!
Err..!!Here…Why ?
U ll know why..!!

Lady: oh we spoke over the phone..!!I ll be done.
Me: DAD,DONE WHAT ? Are we buying this showroom ?
Dad: White babe, ready to be unleashed in 20 days..!!wow!!
Me: U don’t get porn here..!!!
Dad: This will satisfy all your hormones..believe you me..!!

There are some things in life u dream about, U imagine yourself in the dream, U are the star, U have a star and when it is all coming true u just cant believe the fact that it is. Its like ‘ oh shit, for real..and how ? Is this a dream ? Pinch, Punch, No Poof. ITS NOT A DREAM.

A White Swift DDIS, Reclamation. Mash the Throttle..Turbo Spools at 2000 rpm and you are stuck to the seat, The world around appears blur, Speedo climbs like there is no tomorrow, The turn approaches, Tyres howl and cry..U want more..Inch the right foot to the floor,Lunges forward with Vengence, ..Overdrive..Turbo again.. hang on for dear life..Pure bliss..Its not how far u can push her..Its about how far u can push yourself to push her.
The road ends with a U turn..
U want more..U will always want more..Till there is life in you, This cycle will keep repeating.
U will wake up in the middle of the night just to check if this babe is actually for real, U'll admire her for hours.
If u have to leave her alone for sometime..u ll actually call home and check if she is fine or no.

There is more to life than girlfriends, coffee shops and rooftops and this is reason enough for me to wake up everyday with a smile. The rain and my swift..thats all i ll ever need.
Next time u find me singing ‘ let me see you get wild tonight’ and don’t find any reference to context, U know what to look out for !!!

Smiling Wide,Bleaming White,
Come She will,What a Sight,
Cross the Days, Wait the Hours,
Dreams coming true, Out of the blue,

Before it was an endless wait and now 20 days seem like eternity.

Come my lady, come come my lady, you're my butterfly..Sugar baby - Crazy Town