Thursday, 15 May 2008

Whip the zip!!!

Ironing my shirt, yayayaaya I m going to a pub after long,
“Almost done,get down”
“okay I ll be there in 5 min”
On with my shirt and jeans i start wearin my shoes.
Mom knows, I many a times forget to zip.
Are your zips up or should I call u ‘ever ready’?
Shucks,I forgot again.
I try to up it,@$%% the clip is stuck in the seam of the zip
Scissor,hammer and 25 min later up she goes.
I look at my cell.25 missed calls,Darn I m dead.
Go below her building, she comes running towards the car.
Oh no,this is not the I missed u kinda run. Gets inside.
U fucking moron, did u pause your clock for this long?
‘Sorry ,zip got stuck,had a hard time upping it’
ROHAN u suck, could u not find a better excuse or jeans with better zips?
These are my fav jeans, and the zip din know u were waiting!!!
Thank god for music systems,I can hardly hear her.yayayaya
Some of it gets filtered though ,limpbizkit feat priyanka
‘I know why u want to hate me, Once more u glu glu
I know why u want to hate me, I m totally pissed glu glu
Coz hate is all the world,that’s ever seen lately, I ll leave the next time glu glu
She gives up and limbizkit takes over

Sports bar, cheers and down some beers.
Listen, I got to pee..!!i ll be back.
I forget all about the zipper and once I m done,I try to up it
DAMN,it just wont go.I try everythin but minus any tools it wont budge
I remove my tucked in shirt,
Short shirt!!!!Today is just not my day :
Everyone entering the loo is laughing,some realize the problem and
some misjudge.
This is embarrassing,one guy comes forward to help.
Some more misjudgments later,finally it ups.
I go,Look at her, she is as ready as a kalashnikova
Zip got stuck,sorry.
I m leaving, u cant find better excuses and u managed to ruin my day.
Glu glu glu glu glu glu glu..baam vaam,boom
Dj sucks,dj sucks…I can hear all of her.
We leave after sometime, I want to pee pee again but dare I mention
anything below the belt.
Pin drop violence later,I drop her, hear some jazz on how to treat
a girl, I so wanted to apologise but pee pee,how could I,how can I ,I m human!!
Mom: hope u had fun?
For the want of a nail, a horseshow was lost,
For the want of a horse, a message was lost
For the want of an undelivered message,the WAR was lost.
Mom,please buy me new jeans asap.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Network Problem!!!

Auntyji: Shweta munna,kidhar hoo aap??
Shoo: mummy ghar ke peeche hi hoon,aati hoon in sometime
Auntyji: I m standing down and comin towards ghar ke peeche.
Shoo: *tears* hohan..gaddi bhagao..!!mummy peeche comin.
Auntyji: me peeche khadi hoon where art thou?
Shoo: mom ..change of location, doggy ran after me so me in thoda galli chod ke
Auntyji: me comin there too wait.
Shoo: HOHAN..!!gaddi udaoooo…!!!
Based on this true story out comes an advertisement of trump/dolphin.
Hamara connection lijiye and gharelu problems se bachiye.Network problem anytime all the time.Ting ting tading..!!