Monday, 22 December 2008

Tora Tora Tora!!

Firstly..Let me vent

FINALLY FINALLY after a lot of ‘I ll send your showrooms address
to the LET’s violence wing’ threats they chickened out and promised
to deliver the monster.

We hardly slept the night before, the scene at home was like I was
getting married..Reached the stock yard which was in Vasai and a
good 2 hours away from our roof.

And there she was..wrapped in ribbons and smiling wide waiting to
unleash. Jumped inside and wanted to get on the road asap, but
mom was like ‘pooja karvi joiye pela’.Every second seemed like
less of road time..I pushed and pulled her inside to get it done
with asap.

On the road,I could hardly wait for the 2000 rpm..I had waited for
this day since god knows when and now it is finally here. I had such
a huge smile on my face that my dad was of the opinion I ll be
arrested for mental retardness:P

And there comes 2000 rpm..turbo spooled ready for initiation

Holding on to whatever she could to stay in one place, a gear
down and again 2000, again a twister.
Mom, why so serious ? WHHY SOOO SERIOUS ? Lets put a
smile on that face!! With a scared look she yelled “ You and
your turbo can rotate after I m gone”

Mount stop..again..mommy darlings wishy wishy..!!
But the best part about going to Mount Mary is you have to pass
through reclamation.
Notice a Verna Crdi tailgating our Swift at recli

Whiplash One…Bogie Spotted..!!

I am staring at one right now and its gonna be smoked to kingdom

You are clear to engage…


Whipash one just went super sonic.

Turn at recli..Sticks to mother earth like a vacuum cleaner..
holds her guns, the roar from the the turbo..the exhaust note..
the adreline..momentum...blur vision…and a smoked verna :P

120,140.160..170.........Bogie has been handled!!

In my less powerful days I would show the left indicator, let it pass
and say ‘ Respect’ because that’s a ruddy powerful beast, but now
the respected just lost its respect.

This is like gold standard of ass kicking.
Some more retarded teeth \m/

The entire scene was right out of my dream, I ve gone through
this drill a million times mentally and now the real thing is exact
to the ‘T’. Rest pray for dear life at Mount Mary and I pray for
the turbos health. How everyones wants in life are different..:P

I am not a fan of big things making it big, they are meant to,
Small things with big potential is something I would go for,
hence we ve decided to name her ‘BIG deal’

BIG deal Rohan Lakhlani.!!! ;).

Aninya --> meraswiftmeraswiftmeraswiftmeraswiftmeraswift :P
We will we will rock you...we gonna rock we gonna rock you baby..we will we will rock you YEAH..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – Five


.a. said...

hahahaha!! 2000 :D

so i am the first one commenting, yaay!

ps. which mental asylum are you in these days?

on a serious note to this hilarious ride, i prefer small things too, small and broken, perfume bottles, cups, candles, rose petals. I even use big words to sound small!

The Ink in My Veins... said...


im your turbo lover, you better run for cover! :D

so finally all the "kab?""kya yaar!" "aise thodi!!" assorted shit has ended :D

now we are turboing upto boston!! :D

congrats! :)
PS: music is as important as fuel so u-know-what :D
pps: lets kick some ass :D

aqua gurl said...


Make the most with this beauty!!!

Rohan said...

Asbah@: ha ha ..i belong to the asylum where the only idea is 'mauja hi mauja' :P

abybaby@ music is important as u know what ? get your home theatre..loads of space in the car :P
Ps: Lets get down to the holy trinity..traction, torque and tarmac ;)

7ark said...

Zip zap zoom..the haloed swift is in the room...vroom..ronny baby...vroom...jhoom barabar zoom...
Cheers on ur latest piece of skirt mate..
n btw listen to this song "hot rod lincoln by George Thorogood"

Aninya said...

hahahhahahhhahahahh!!hilarious :D :D
meraswiftmeraswiftmeraswiftmeraswift...QUITE a tongue-twister :P
good post :)
have a greyetta time with your 'gaddi' :D...i know how u guys are!!my dad loves his cars more than anything alse in the world :P...if no elec at home, he'll sleep in his car :P haha

Cheers to that white beauty!! :D

Mads said...

awww its a 'her' :P
have fun speeding around with 'her'
God, why do guys love their cars so much :| :|
lolsome post this was :P
say hi to big deal...(nice name) :D

ShoO said...

Gaddi ka naam kya rakha hai, Hohan ???

Thakur ? Sambha ? ya goriya ? :-P

Rohan said...

^^^End main likhyo toh hai..'BIG deal'..pura blog padhe bina hi comment chipkane ki good no good :P

angel from heaven said...

lol this if funny
congrats on your new car

I am glad its not just my family who do puja before they step into a new car!!!
saw ure blog link in orkut so paid a visit

R.V said...

Aww! Big deal..

You must be so proud of her! Bas abhi toh aayi thi, ghar bhi nahi le aaye aur aisi khushi de di usne.. Kya kahe? Wah! :)