Thursday, 27 November 2008

Terror Error

Some super religious retards like always have done what they are best at...'DHAI DHAI'!!
They have like a Seagate 7200 rpm 500 GB Hard disk and remember
things way beyond normal human competence.
‘Hamare Baccho ko maara’, ‘Biwiyo ko maara’ (notice the plural)..uska kya?
Reporter kept quite, instead of being like
‘Tune itne bomb daala’, ‘Tumne hamari ek hi ek biwi ko maara’..uska kya?
Reporter: Tum kitne log ho ander ?
Terrorists: Aing..Woh hum tumhe kyooo bataae ?
Smart Smart..u should not tell to longen your live by some minutes

Reporter: Tum inte logo ki ladai lad rahe ho atleast itna toh batao
kitne aaadmi ho tum ?
Sounds like Gabbar but whatever he wants his aadmis..
Terrorits: Hum 7 aadmi hai!
WHAT ? HE FELL FOR THIS ONE ?He is like the worst terrorist I have
ever heard of..yeah heard of..i cant see them..i don’t work at band camp.

And the best part, one in case of the reporter and ‘N’ in case of the
terrorists would be sitting at home and clapping
‘Mera saaiya tv pe..mera saaiya tv pe’

All big cock talks, Since he was ‘dying’ to make a difference why
not abolish the hindu muslim enemity in the first place rather
than holding innocent civilians hostage?
And were his demands or what?
‘Hamare saare mujahadin bhai ko pura india se chod do, Kashmir pe
se army ko hatva do!!
Even the army men and police guys must be rolling on the floor
laughing at this.
Yes yes, America pe hamlva karva do, America capture karva do,
Petrol free karva do ,Al- Qaeda ko leadership dilva do?
I guess he got his tongue serviced before going on this ‘I want this and I want that’ spree

Seriously guys get some training done..some real serious training
done before even thinking about being a terrorist and before
u are shot please please mention the ‘institute’ where u got this
'gyaan' from..further candidates will avoid this place for all times.

U kill people..U ll get shot.. Aint no ‘Allah’ coming with a heli to bail your asses.
Should have chilled out and watched Tv at home.

May your ‘fanatic’ souls rest in ‘PIECES’..and lots of them..

Happy ‘dhai dhai’...Will be your last..guran fuckin teed..!!

Heroes never die.... They just reload - Rambo 4


7ark said...

nice one... retarded morons...thot that counterstrike can be played outta the 2nd splashed on their faces and all smiling pussy cats they wuld have becum...
we all want to ask them once..."why"...

mona said...

Thanks for posting this one rohan... surely helped to remove some of my anger and frustration when i read it... it is probably what's on everyone's mind right now... thanks for putting it into words perfectly!!!

as for the terrorists... i just have one statement... "GO TO HELL"...!!!

Ruchi said...

read your comment on "kachuism" and was about to congratulate you for the kind thought behind it... your blog though, paints a different picture.

sarcasm does help sometimes, but more often than not, its quite cruel. the terrorists are fools no doubt, but try giving a thought to the idea that someone can be so naive as to be brainwashed and 'fooled' into killing others and themselves... for a good soul as i think yours is, thats a terrible thought...

ruchi said...

you know, you are quite clever, which is a good thing! pity anger spoils it all. peace!

Aninya said...

rofl@"America pe hamlva karva do, America capture karva do,
Petrol free karva do ,Al- Qaeda ko leadership dilva do?"... :D :D
u always have puchlines that will crack up just about anybody...
its quite a relief from the 'angry' post-attack posts :D

.a. said...

I was probably busy coloring my grey hair when the whole melodrama was being played.

No, of course, that was a joke.

I will second Ruchi, honestly, I have been a part of a similar attack, not hostage though, but i witnessed the Burning of Marriot with my own eyes, i felt the tremor when the bomb blast shook the walls of my room and rattled the windows.

I can Tell you how it felt when we got to know that Islamic University was targeted, couple of my best friends study there.. !!

having experianced it all myself i can say that terrorists are terrorists, they're religion-less people. Which religion supports killing? none that i know of...

but i am reading Khalil Jibran recently and what he writes is really worth reading, he says that if someone wants to whip a criminal you should also gauge his soul, which is hurt. how would you punish someone who is apparently true but with a dirty soul?? how could you kill someone who've killed because his soul was being killed by someone else?

how could you punish someone who is cruel but it is because he himself had suffered with the same?

There must be reasons for what had happen, i say here in Pakistan it is government policies, that poke people to stand up and blow themselves up, and yes brainwashing too, children have been wrongly taught what the guilty wants them to learn, that they will enter paradise after blowing up!

or worst, blowing with many others!

I am sad it happened.