Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dreams @ 2000 rpm

Get ready boy..we are going shopping!!
Left, right..straight..U turn..!!!
Err..!!Here…Why ?
U ll know why..!!

Lady: oh we spoke over the phone..!!I ll be done.
Me: DAD,DONE WHAT ? Are we buying this showroom ?
Dad: White babe, ready to be unleashed in 20 days..!!wow!!
Me: U don’t get porn here..!!!
Dad: This will satisfy all your hormones..believe you me..!!

There are some things in life u dream about, U imagine yourself in the dream, U are the star, U have a star and when it is all coming true u just cant believe the fact that it is. Its like ‘ oh shit, for real..and how ? Is this a dream ? Pinch, Punch, No Poof. ITS NOT A DREAM.

A White Swift DDIS, Reclamation. Mash the Throttle..Turbo Spools at 2000 rpm and you are stuck to the seat, The world around appears blur, Speedo climbs like there is no tomorrow, The turn approaches, Tyres howl and cry..U want more..Inch the right foot to the floor,Lunges forward with Vengence, ..Overdrive..Turbo again.. hang on for dear life..Pure bliss..Its not how far u can push her..Its about how far u can push yourself to push her.
The road ends with a U turn..
U want more..U will always want more..Till there is life in you, This cycle will keep repeating.
U will wake up in the middle of the night just to check if this babe is actually for real, U'll admire her for hours.
If u have to leave her alone for sometime..u ll actually call home and check if she is fine or no.

There is more to life than girlfriends, coffee shops and rooftops and this is reason enough for me to wake up everyday with a smile. The rain and my swift..thats all i ll ever need.
Next time u find me singing ‘ let me see you get wild tonight’ and don’t find any reference to context, U know what to look out for !!!

Smiling Wide,Bleaming White,
Come She will,What a Sight,
Cross the Days, Wait the Hours,
Dreams coming true, Out of the blue,

Before it was an endless wait and now 20 days seem like eternity.

Come my lady, come come my lady, you're my butterfly..Sugar baby - Crazy Town

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The Ink in My Veins... said...

screw you ronny...your blogs are getting better than mine!grr..

"Its not how far u can push her..Its about how far u can push yourself to push her."

^*bows down to thee*
Thy Kingdom Cometh...