Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Phone Call Resurrected ( Spoof )

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25th September,2005
1:30 PM.
CellPhone rings. Main hoon kaun..main hoon don..lamba don..
patla don..don don don

I somehow try and grab the phone, but without glasses I end
up picking the lappy ;)

Frantically search the phone,

Pappu Pager calling,

A: I ll reconfirm with glasses.

Private Number calling.

A: itna hi privacy chahiye toh call kahe kiyo?
X: Heylo is this Abhilasha?
A: Oriflame order after 2 pm, till then office Is closed.
X: Is this Abhilasha Dafria ?
A: This is Tambi and I m busy ..TADAK..!!

Darn these beauty conscious morons, its 1:30 PM
and they are worried about beauty :|

1:40 PM
Phone rings again.
Pappu Pager calling:
A: Cuts the call,
Pappu Pager Calling:
A: *Frustrated*, One more call and I ll fuck your happiness
on my blog.
X: *Rolls on the floor laughing and hangs up*

1:45 PM
Main hoon kaun, main hoon gone, watching porn..

A: Bako
X: Mane Bolneka Mauka toh diyo zara.
A: Mane Pehle bataiyo Kaun hai tuu ?
X: Shubh Chintak.
A: Please pray kariyo I become an even bigger wannabe
in some years.TADAK.


A: Face wash: 350, Shampoo: 100, Lip gloss: 200, Mascara: 400
bla bla fuckin bla
X: Am I talking to Abhilasha ?
A: I am Abhilasha’s split personality
X: You are half anyway, and in that also split?like 1/2 of 1/2??1/4??
A: Zonked eh...uh...e...sff..gsdjfd......WHATTTTTTT?!??
X: 1/2 of 1/2 is 1/4... dont worry dont cry....check it on
the calculator
A: *checks on calci*..Who are you ??
X: I am a spy from IIM Chembur.
A: Hair Colour for 350, Black lipstick for 200, with this people
wont recognize you.
X: Your ex best friend is a porn star.
A: Goody goody, she ll need make up too..i ll call her asap.TADAK.

Never after this day I received his call, I don’t know who he was,
I still don’t. In the above conversation u can see he has only tried
to help me expand my business, I eagerly waited for his call, but
I guess none of my other friends turn out to be porn stars*sigh*

Today when I turn back the pages of my diary to 25th September
2005, my heart skips a beat. She was buying make up from other
people all this while while i was searching for business all over
chembur. I cant even contemplate what would have happened
to me if he had not called, I would have never got the opportunity
to confront her and make her buy all the make up from me.

He saved me ,he saved my business, I dint even get a chance to
thank him, give him a lipstick for free. That one phonecall bobbed
up enough curiosity in me to fill the forms for IIM chembur.
Imagine IIM Chembur. That one phonecall stopped me from
falling into a quicksand of complicated numbers, adding
subtracting and no return.That one phonecall taught me that
one fraction when multiplied with itself reduces its value....
that fractions CAN be multiplied.

That one phone call changed things forever and i dont know
whether or not the calculator was used.
Man, that was like level 12 of Doom – Wild Hogs.


The Ink in My Veins... said...

:| screw you guyssssss im going home!! _|_ :D

Rohan said...

Bai bai..have fun..we ll Miss you..!!

Gaurav Bhogale said...

Roflmaooooooooo!!! Suppakly written. Haikl Abhilasha \m/

Aninya said...

Roflmao @'Main hoon kaun, main hoon gone, watching porn..DON DON DON!!'
hehehahahhahoho...IIM Chembur :P :P
too good :D

Sameeha said...

rotflmao! awesome!!