Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Newton, God and ME!!!

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction was
a law Newton came up with, and boy o boy I am lovin it!!!

You hit the tyre on a curb it blows, no two ways about it .
You tell your dad you smoke and instantly a pack of
ciggis.... j/k j/k !!:P

Ahem ahem now the human touch.
U play games, you ‘try’ and spoil someone’s life, u act like a
bitch possessed, and that’s when my friends Newton and
God step in.

Newton makes sure the equal and opposite thingy comes
true and GOD makes sure the opposite thingy is multiplied
by 10, they join forces, they scheme, implement *GRIN*

Next day I see GOD and this is how it goes!!

G: Wassa fellaw..!! happy ?
R: Yo man..Bombs away eh !!!
G: Supreme me , don’t worry, you have unlimited wishes
R: Jeez thanks!! Anything in return ?
G: Ye one, Lets headbang together..MUSIC..ACTION..!!!

Bang bang goes the broken glass man,
Kill all the fags that don't agree!
Trial by fire, setting fire
It's not a way that's meant for me
Just cause, just cause, because we're outlaws yeah!

Newton appears out of nowhere and all 3 headbang!!

I Beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies,
This is the dawning of the rest of our lives,
This is our lives....
On Holiday!

People..!!Can i get another Amen ??!!

Newton and God in Chorus: RELOADING!!!!!
\m/ \m/
I hate to be the materialistic weasel of the group, but do I get hazard pay
for this? - Armageddon


The Ink in My Veins... said...

another post wasted on some miss shitty slutty something.... dude really... u must right abt good things in life...things tat r speacial...not on miss-sarvojanik.blogspot.com lol

Comfortably Numb said...

LOL...this was nice. Humor was spot on.


anusha said...

intelligent humour..n i like it!!

Sameeha said...

God n Newton! Rohan! Intro!! :D :D

ShoO said...

Miss.sarvajanik :D :D LOL :D we'll need some tissue papers here.....bring on the kleenex :D :D
courier karenge :D