Friday, 4 July 2008

Shift !!! Shift!! Shift!!

I would like a test drive please.
Suer sir,I ll send a representative over,have a sheat
Innervoice: Sheat??Shit??Seat?? Bloody mallus
“Ogay sir, Shald we go?”
Innervoice: O gay? :O No way. If I din love this car so much, I would SRED your tongue to pieces.
This car has climate control, ayer bags,alloyds, x’s , y’s and z’s
Sir shift…supposedly pointing towards some building at cheddanagar
Me: no dude aint plannint to shift there
Me: clutch,upshift,clutch,downshift ..happy?
Me: Dude u need to reboot,wheres your restart button?
Me: okay okay now calm down, u love this car too but this is my test drive and I aint shiftin!!!:
He: SHIFT !!!!!!!!!!!

Me: ya ya u convinced me,I ll shift.Get over here
Me: &%#@!@$%$

At the showroom
"how did u like the shift ? we saw so many shifts on theh way too, Shells in gud numbers u she”
Oh mi god.I should have known
Ile kome backe to you with my dead ogai.
With a grin as if he received a new admission in mallu land
“ogai sir ogai sir’

Tading: The empire can strike back :):)


The Ink in My Veins... said...

shuperb maan...naicee post...eshmall en shweet!.. shexy shit..(no but tat is pronounced SHIT) :| :P :D

aqua gurl said...

nice post!!! funnie;)

DragonflY said...

dry humour...i likesss!