Thursday, 15 May 2008

Whip the zip!!!

Ironing my shirt, yayayaaya I m going to a pub after long,
“Almost done,get down”
“okay I ll be there in 5 min”
On with my shirt and jeans i start wearin my shoes.
Mom knows, I many a times forget to zip.
Are your zips up or should I call u ‘ever ready’?
Shucks,I forgot again.
I try to up it,@$%% the clip is stuck in the seam of the zip
Scissor,hammer and 25 min later up she goes.
I look at my cell.25 missed calls,Darn I m dead.
Go below her building, she comes running towards the car.
Oh no,this is not the I missed u kinda run. Gets inside.
U fucking moron, did u pause your clock for this long?
‘Sorry ,zip got stuck,had a hard time upping it’
ROHAN u suck, could u not find a better excuse or jeans with better zips?
These are my fav jeans, and the zip din know u were waiting!!!
Thank god for music systems,I can hardly hear her.yayayaya
Some of it gets filtered though ,limpbizkit feat priyanka
‘I know why u want to hate me, Once more u glu glu
I know why u want to hate me, I m totally pissed glu glu
Coz hate is all the world,that’s ever seen lately, I ll leave the next time glu glu
She gives up and limbizkit takes over

Sports bar, cheers and down some beers.
Listen, I got to pee..!!i ll be back.
I forget all about the zipper and once I m done,I try to up it
DAMN,it just wont go.I try everythin but minus any tools it wont budge
I remove my tucked in shirt,
Short shirt!!!!Today is just not my day :
Everyone entering the loo is laughing,some realize the problem and
some misjudge.
This is embarrassing,one guy comes forward to help.
Some more misjudgments later,finally it ups.
I go,Look at her, she is as ready as a kalashnikova
Zip got stuck,sorry.
I m leaving, u cant find better excuses and u managed to ruin my day.
Glu glu glu glu glu glu glu..baam vaam,boom
Dj sucks,dj sucks…I can hear all of her.
We leave after sometime, I want to pee pee again but dare I mention
anything below the belt.
Pin drop violence later,I drop her, hear some jazz on how to treat
a girl, I so wanted to apologise but pee pee,how could I,how can I ,I m human!!
Mom: hope u had fun?
For the want of a nail, a horseshow was lost,
For the want of a horse, a message was lost
For the want of an undelivered message,the WAR was lost.
Mom,please buy me new jeans asap.


The Ink in My Veins... said...


Shruti said...

MAN..this was FUNNY!!!
great post i must say..and hope u get a pair of new jeans..

mona said...

dats hilarious!!!

Aninya said...

lol...undoubtedly hilarious :D
feel sorry for ur girl though!
hope you made up to her :)
P.S:i blogroll you!!