Friday, 18 April 2008

War of the Worlds

Dad is yellin from the bathroom “Bank closes at 2 o clock” Darn its 1:50.

Grab the car keys,run down and witness a site which makes me sing the angry version of ‘Who let the dogs out’ !#%^$# %@#@$
That son of a bitch (never knew profanity could get this meaningful) is sleepin on the hood of my car!!!

Get a stick and push him down amid some resistance from the doggy world.
Who would like being thrown out of their bed anyway?.Get on with my work

Starin at the full moon outside,cool breeze,one look down and I see half a hood.

Now this is turning out to be a game of cat and mouse.

Wake up the next morning,quietly proceed towards the car with the mouse sleeping.
As I near him the hunter gets hunted.

Since when did dogs think about having watch dogs??

Soldier 2 arrives all guns about to attack.I freeze.2 on 1 is not a fair game.

Soldier 1 gets up and is ready,steady..just has to hear a PO..!!

I quietly back off. The mutts have their heads high and get back on my hood. !@#$$%#
The question is how can a Nepal win over an India?

To answer this question China comes to the rescue.Marksman2004 :D

Single shot ,480 feet per second,plastic pellets.

Next morning I look down and the scenario hasn’t changed, but I have an evilish tinge in my eye.

Police officer style I shout.UNFREEZE,Move your body.

Out comes the watch dog,I say ‘that means u too retard’

He looks at the gun with a ??? look.One more step and the ??? will be ??? no more

Seems like he in a lot of girly company these days,his ??? gets the better of him

BOOM,BOOM.Both of them singin the nasal himesh way with their butts visible and slowly turning into dots.


Get back home with a sense of my meaningful existence ,chest upfront.

Next morning,with a sense of pride I stand in the balcony,look down to see my captured hood.


Its no more captured,its reinstated by enemy forces.
Marksman 2004,himesh,small dot,Marksman 2004,himesh,small dot…..raised to 20

Some days later,neighbour calls “ Dog is shitting near my car please fire some rounds”

Realising that situation could get out of hand and himesh could start shitting on my territory I decide to abandon shitt..!!ship I mean.!!

If u cant win them, get them on your side and that is exactly what I do

Get a small blanket,park it on the hood.

I m happy,my hood is happy,enemy is happy.

As for the watchdog,lets just say he was fired..!!!

Peace is restored in paradise,Everytime I try to catch the cool breeze I make it a point to look down and praise myself.Maybe I should have been a politician but such is life dearies.:)


The Ink in My Veins... said...

hey rohan,

what does yr blog mean?

Sameeha said...

u have girly company in here alrite.

The Ink in My Veins... said...

but it is d moral duty of every blogger to tell wat his blog means...tat my friends called integrity...*nods head*

Naina said...

*Fell off my chair laughing* Whoever thought Rohan would write a blog on himself :P Jokes apart...very well written...meri sangat ka accha asar hua hai :D

Aninya said...

too good... :D
roflmao at all the nicknames, dogs having!!!
supperkly written...wen i have to have a good laugh i know wer to come :P :D

Anonymous said...

your first blog. I almost skimmed to all your blogs till here, reading in retrospect!

truly hilarious. I am getting inspired to tickle my funny bone to write too!

everything was awesome, the 2 to 1.
the watch dog.
the nepal winning with china comming over to rescue.

the nicks were creative too and picture added a lot, i repeat, a lot to the meaning :P

keep writing!