Friday, 25 April 2008

Shoo Shweta teta checha Raghavan..!!

Good things come in small packagesAnd the best ones come with shweta raghavan written on it!!Co incidence and internet when both came together,we became friends and in no time best friends:)

The transition period was a journey which transformed rohan into hohan and shweta into teta!!
In good times I remember her and in bad ones there are no other options :P
She gives me a reality check whenever i need one.THANKS FOR THAT :D

Online or phoneline,its always a laughter riot.My entire house is with ear plugs on when I m talking to her.
In the words of my mom ‘yaad hoi toh ghar maa bijaa loko pan raiye che’ :D:D
Whenever the going gets tough,orkut is accessed, some senseless stuff exchanged and tough is bajaoed with an aavjo..!!
All in all this is one friend who I cannot live without and is very special to me.
As days pass I m sure the fun factor will keep getting better and better!!
People come and people go,but this is one girl who I will always want to stay.

Tan tana tan tan tan taara..tere liye pura blog likh daala..!!!;)

PS: I still know why your stomach aces!!!LOL


Naina said...

I'm honoured.....I'm glad that you are my best friend...and be glad that you have me around :P

Always yours and yours through and through. :-)

The Ink in My Veins... said...

for a cahange i was going to write something nice but the last line just pissed me amawasya ki raat....i curse you...tat even yr stomach will ache!!

Sameeha said...

orkut testimonials mein 'copy paste' kiya kya??

Preksha said...

real good one...inspires me to write a similar one fr my best friend too!!

.a. said...

LOL... although i would want a tranlation for that 'yaad hoi toh ghar maa bijaa loko pan raiye che’ :D:D'