Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Next Episode!!!

Money minded and me..nope..!!
I don’t want more money,I want enough money!!.
When my son grows up and asks for a cayenne he should not think I m not the man.!!
When my wife asks for a dress I should not be in distress..!!

All this was planned by my dad too,but out came a son who ended up asking for a swift!!
A wife who was happy with a dinner and a movie.

But hey dad,we gonna rock it till the wheels fall off..!!
Hold up eh..!!Take a seat!!!Hope you ready for the next episode.!!
Heeeeyyyyy..!!!u ll need weed everyday..!!!

Ps: This warning is issued in public interest for people concerned.


The Ink in My Veins... said...

weed...weed...more weed to understand dis mans blogs....haa...hoo...plz...plz...weed....aah...hash...aah grass!!more grass!

Naina said...

Hail Swiftvaa !!!! Hail Lakhlani Uncle !!!