Sunday, 20 April 2008

Good guy vs tailpipe emissions

At king circle bus stop.

She: Are u single
Me: Do u own a merc?
She: Yes i do
Me: I am not talking about what u call a merc.
She: yeah real merc it is.
Me: bus stop?? Let me guess, mika hakkinen has taken it for a drive?
She: I believe in not contributing to the noise pollution, air pollution, congestion, deteroration of mother earth @%!@!%#%@!$T^
Me: I believe in pressure horns, freeflows, loud mufflers, redline launches, Burnouts, rich air/fuel mixtures, V12s, 5 kmpl @!2%@!
She: opposites attract?
Me: for a lady ownin a merc I ll change my polarity.Lets get married:D
She: What if I say I own a Honda city?
Me: Lets go around
She: Swift?
Me: lets be friends
Me:Fuck off.I m commited.

Moral of the story: I am downright cheap,and she owns an alto :P:P


The Ink in My Veins... said...

oh n wat abt maruti 800 cherry color? wat are yr feelings abt maruti 800 cherry color??

Naina said...

LOL !! This one is hilarious....very creative :D

Rohan said...

Well i should have replaced the swift with a multicoloured esteem and alto with a dhakka start matiz..what are your feelings about that??

Shruti™ said...

she is referred to who my luv?

Anonymous said...


Rohan said...

rofl @ bullock cart

bullock cart wala option toh koi gaav ke bus stop pe khada rahu toh mile :P